"A photograph is the pause button on life."

- Ty Holland


Welcome to South Florida Stock Car Archives

Are you a racer? Are you a fan? Or maybe you're looking for photos of a family member or friend who raced in South Florida? You've come to the right place!

Age... Deterioration... Moisture... Mold... Fire... Theft... The things that can destroy a photo collection are numerous. Now, you can replace those treasured memories with the ORIGINALS! Imagine having your all-time favorite racing photo from decades ago in brand new condition, just like the day it was shot way back when! Short of having a time machine and traveling back in time to re-purchase your photo from the speedway souvenir stand, the chances seem pretty slim, right? Not any more! South Florida Stock Car Archives is your time machine to the past!   

At South Florida Stock Car Archives, we offer the highest quality, fully licensed photographs you can find anywhere. Our photo collection encompasses more than thirty years of stock car racing action during the glory days in South Florida. These images are 100% ORIGINAL, directly from the photographer's original negatives. Our collection contains roughly 300,000 original images, shot by legendary speedway photographer Bobby 5x5 Day between 1957 and 1986.

Crisp Black & Whites!.. Vibrant Color!.. These are photographs that look like they were shot today. With all of the contrast, depth and perfection you'd expect from a brand new photo. We ALWAYS finish on top-quality Kodak Professional Paper, just like the photographer did back in the day.